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Available in Black/Green, Black/Orange, Cappuccino/White, Grey/Lime, White/Green and White Olive.


The Skaza Bokashi Organko Set (2 x 16L) composter enables the responsible management of bio-waste. With the help of the bran enriched with effective microorganisms (EM) that triggers fermentation, you can produce a first-class compost base, an organic fertilizer for your organic garden or house plants, and a natural drain cleaner.


Simple Composting at Home


Bokashi Organko is a sophisticated and practical composter for organic waste disposal which eliminates inconveniences with collecting organic waste. Waste decay is the most frequent reason for unpleasant odor. The use of bran with beneficial micro-organisms ensures the fermentation process occurs properly and thus prevents decay. As a result, fermented organic waste is an excellent basis for first-rate compost.


Without Unpleasant Odour


Bokashi Organko has an airtight container that prevents the inflow of the air. This and the use of the bran will help to ensure that during the whole process the food does not rot, but ferment. During the whole fermentation process, there is no unpleasant odor of rotting even when opening the container.


Effective Bran and Tap


Bokashi bran consists of bran meal, molasses, and useful micro-organisms. The presence of natural micro-organisms in the Bokashi bran initiates the fermentation process and prevents decay. During this process, fermentation liquid is produced, which can be used as an excellent fertilizer for plants or as a natural drain cleaner.


For your Sustainable Lifestyle


Give your lifestyle a more sustainable but simple solution - Bokashi Organko 1. With this recycled kitchen composter, you will get a completely natural fertilizer for your plants and an organic drain cleaner.

SKAZA Bokashi Organko Compost Bin Set (2 X 16L)


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