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About Garden Composters UK

Garden Composters Limited offers the UK's largest online catalogue of composters and wormeries. We have many years experience talking about composting with local Government, businesses and those at home.


We pride ourselves on our common sense, plain English approach. Our expertise will help unravel the mysteries of composting and help you decide which composter is best for you.   

Who we are

Garden Composters was founded in the summer of 2022. It is the brain child of Helen and Andrew Cross and is their third environmentally focused business. 

Since 2016, Helen and Andrew have founded and built businesses operating from North Devon. Each business tackles a different environmental challenges faced by the businesses and residents alike.


Award winning Earth Friendly Foodware ( supplies businesses, colleges and schools with compostable food & drink packaging and promotes composting as a sensible and affordable waste stream. Alongside cups, lids, food boxes and clamshells, Earth Friendly Foodware have been offering "hot" composters from the HOTBIN range alongside larger capacity composters from Ridan and Tidy Planet. The company's activities have attracted wide attention leading to many business awards including North Devon Sustainable Business of the Year 2022. Earth Friendly Foodware is committed to removing single use oil-based plastic and supplies alternatives made from plants.


North Devon Soap ( was founded in 2019 to offer eco-friendly gifts to those visiting North Devon and combat the scourge of plastic in the bathroom. Using certified organic butters and oils, North Devon Soap hand makes body wash and natural shampoo bars which are plastic free, palm oil free and certified vegan friendly.

In 2023, North Devon Soap released a 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner bar under the name Lathered ( Each bar is made from plant-based ingredients, is plastic free, palm oil free, SLS free and certified vegan friendly. Bars can be bought individually, or on a subscription, and supplied in a recyclable tin. Refills can be purchased as needed.

Logo for Earth Friendly Foodware Limited
Logo for North Devon Soap Limited
Logo for Lathered

Our Manufacturers

We have assembled a collection of manufacturers which, we believe, offers the widest range of composters and wormeries. Check out our blog to learn more.

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