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Available in Olive Green, Cream White and Cappuccino.


The Skaza Bokashi Organko 2 (9.6L) Olive Green White kitchen composter enables a waste-free lifestyle and urban organic gardening. Thanks to its superb design, you can place it in the center of your kitchen and it wont look out of place. With the help of the bran enriched with effective microorganisms (EM), you can produce a natural fertilizer for your urban garden and a natural drain cleaner.


Skaza Bokashi Organko 2 composter received a Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019 (Germany, 8 July 2019).


Beautiful and Efficient


The Bokashi Organko 2 is the star of next-generation products for the responsible management of the environment. It surprises with its superior form and impresses with its usefulness. It was rewarded with Red Dot Design Award and the Big See Award and Solutions on the Ambiente fair.


Composting on your Kitchen Counter


You do not need to have a garden if you want to live a more sustainable life and compost the bio-waste you produce. With Bokashi Organko 2, you can compost on your kitchen garden without unpleasant odor and without insects.


100% Fertilizer for your Urban Garden


Every Bokashi Organko 2 has a built-in drain tap. Using it is the simplest way of pouring out the fermentation liquid, which we can use for fertilizing house, balcony, and garden plants. The liquid is an excellent activator of micro-organisms in domestic septic-tanks and small treatment plants.


Simple Solution for your Quick Lifestyle


An easy and quick solution for your demanding lifestyle and a great way to express your eco-lifestyle and sustainable principles even in everyday cooking. The Bokash which is included with your order can be added to help speed up the process.


Supports the new Green Deal


A proven solution made from recycled material for you to reduce your bio-waste by up to 25%. Made for people who want to express their green lifestyle and take care of the planet. Bokashi composting reduces carbon footprint and helps the planet to be healthier and more beautiful.


Available in Olive Green, Cappuccino and Cream.

SKAZA Bokashi Organko 2 Compost Bin (9.6L) With 2kg Bokashi Bran


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