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The Ridan Compost Box 10 is big enough to handle food waste for up to 10 people. This composting machine would be ideal for large households, small businesses, community groups or allotments.


The loading hatch is a generous 54cm x 5cm which is plenty big enough for a bucket of food waste and there are three harvesting hatches in total, each measuring 35cm x 24cm for accessing the lovely compost that forms at the bottom of the composter.


Due to it’s size, the Ridan Compost Box 10 makes use of clever, but simple physics to maintain rigidity by using a hexagonal structure. This composting machine is 104cm x 104cm in width and depth and 122cm in height so would be better suited to a larger garden or open space, though it’s stainless steel casing and eye catching design could possibly make an interesting feature in your garden for your friends and neighbours to admire.


The Ridan Compost Box 10 will be delivered to your home or premises via pallet, fully assembled with instructions for use.

Ridan Compost Box 10

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