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Bokashi Buckets are clean, odourless and simple to use. You simply introduce your waste to the Bokashi Bucket, sprinkle some Bokashi Bran over the top and repeat the process until the Bokashi Bucket is full. Then, you leave it for 2-3 weeks to complete the fermentation, drawing liquid off every few days. Once complete, the waste is ready to be dug into the garden, added to your compost heap or introduced to a Wormery to be 'finished off' if you need it added to plants and vegetables.


Because the Bokashi has fermented the food and neutralised any odour, it should no longer attract vermin when put into your composter. Adding the fermented compost to the wormery will speed up the process in your wormery and it can help to produce nutrient rich liquid for composting. The anaerobic process it goes through in the Bokashi Bin and the aerobic process in the wormery, combines to make the most out of your food waste.

23L Double Square Bokashi Compost Bins And Kit With 1kg Bokashi Bran

SKU: 16-0022

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